EV Switchgear

EV Switchgear – Outdoor

Using outdoor rated switchboards or feeder pillars for EV Distribution removes the requirement for a substation or GRP enclosure.

If required our products can be close coupled to a standard oil filled transformer via a mono-block connection removing the need for cabling, saving both cost and installation time.

As we design and build in house we can accommodate a vast array of bespoke requirements within our pillars, such as:

  • Fitting of clients CCTV / Communications / Scada equipment
  • Surge protection
  • Metering

EV Switchgear – Indoor

Every switchboard for EV charging distribution is individually designed to suit our clients requirements including:

  • Forms of separation: Form 2 to 4, type 1 to 7
  • Ratings: 100A to 6300A
  • Type tested assemblies (BS EN IEC 61439-2)
  • Board access: Front and rear
  • Cable entries: Top and bottom, entry or exit
  • Electrical, mechanical interlocking
  • Restricted, unrestricted earth fault
  • Surge protection