Solar Switchgear

Having contributed to the electrical design of solar parks since 2010, our products have evolved with the industry to the extent they are established as industry leading in design and performance.

During this period, the company manufactured and supplied electrical switchgear and related equipment to more than 100 solar parks in the UK and Europe, contributing to more than 1GW of solar generation.

Using outdoor rated switchboards or feeder pillars removes the requirement for a substation or GRP enclosure.


Solar Switchgear – Outdoor

Using bespoke outdoor rated switchgear removes the requirement for a substation or GRP enclosure. If required our products can be close coupled to a standard oil filled transformer via a mono-block connection removing the need for cabling, saving both cost and installation time.


Solar Switchgear – Indoor

The company supplies custom built switchgear of both modular and fully welded construction. The switchgear is designed for bespoke applications within the renewables sector and can accommodate central and string inverter applications rated up to 800v AC. All switchgear is designed and manufactured in accordance to BS EN 61439-2.